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Why choose DG Entertainment? FUN FITNESS FEMININE

1)DG is the first company to introduce poledance in Montreal. So they have 7 years of experience teaching poledancing and 15 years teaching dance. All their teachers are qualified, experienced and professional. The teachers know how to break down the moves and are experienced for safety issues on how to avoid getting injured on the pole. Many poledance studios and teachers have been trained by DG Entertainment. We have also been featured on over a dozen tv shows, magazines and newspapers!

2)DG is not just a dance school but a community for women, Not only to we offer a great workout and alternative to the gym, it is a place to socialize with other women and just have FUN. We offer girls nite out once a month, present shows and workshops. DG's main goal is not JUST FITNESS, but to have fun, and feel feminine while getting a workout!

2)DG Entertainment is a private studio where noone knows you are coming to take sexy dance classes, whether you are the head of a bank or a student, housewife, privacy is always assured!

3)No hassles about coming to class!Our pole dance studio is located with free parking on the street and 1 block from metro lionel Groux. (orange line and green line)

4)DG offers part-time employment and performance opportunities for students who have completed all levels and classes.

DG Services
We are an International Entertainment Company and Dance School. We have performed shows in Greece, Japan, China, U.S and Canada and offering classes to more than 3,000 students. Our parent site is www.dgentertainment.ca
Services Offered:
*Group Lessons & Private Lessons
*Professional artists for corporate functions, club venues, videos, films, sports events, weddings,
* Corporate Dance Lessons
*Gift Certificates
* Bachelourette Parties, Bridal Showers..
*Rental of Studio for lessons, rehearsals and events

Our Teachers:
Jennifer-Jem(Ballroom, Latin and Bellydance, Striptease & Pole)
Jennifer is the principal teacher and manager of DG. She has been teaching for 15 years. She has worked in Mexico, L.A., Greece, New York... performing shows and teaching. Jennifer makes your lessons fun and easy to learn whether you are a master dancer or a beginner!!She also holds her F.I.T diploma for fitness and works as a dance teacher for mcgill University.


Naomi(Pole & Striptease)Naomi who has studied with Englands top poledance teachers, creates a warm and inviting environment where you can safely learn beautiful moves on the pole and expand your self-confidence and feminine power. Naomi has taken pole dance to a whole new level, from basic moves to acrobatic flips on the pole, for all levels she will take her time and guide you to your sexy self!


Katrina( Striptease & Pole)
Katrina is from Vancouver and has poledanced for 10 years. She has traveled the world(Greece/Guam/US/Europe..) performing poledance shows and now a mom of twins and DG's advanced teacher. She is a very patient and knows how to make your acrobatic tricks on the pole smooth and sensual.

Natacha has taught and performed for many years the to the latin sounds of bachata, salsa, merengue and samba. She in numerious cabarets including the casino Montreal. Now she joins DG to offer her expertise in combining the poledance with latin rythms and salsa patterns!


Featured Media & Events

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